1. Conjugate (in pretérito perfecto)

  • Vender (to sell)
  • Comprender (to understand)
  • Correr (to run)
  • Responder (to answer)
  • Abrir (to open)
  • Escribir (to write)
  • Vivir (to live)
  • Discutir (to argue)

2. Write six sentences using regular verbs in the preterite

3. Write a short essay

Explain in detail everything you did last weekend (using antes and después)

Remember to use the infinitive form of the verb with antes and después: Fui a Queens. Después de ir a Queens, cené. Después de cenar, trabajé. Etc.

3. Translate

For that, you can use either ese or aquel; it's up to you.

el problema - the problem

el programa - the program / the show

Problema and programa are both masculine!

  1. I like these apples.
  2. Did you go to that theatre with Mary?
  3. That house is red, but that house is yellow.
  4. This letter arrived last night.
  5. Before the concert, I went to that restaurant in Queens where we usually go on Thursdays.
  6. Did you see that show?
  7. I did not go to that museum (museo) in Paris.
  8. This window is very large. That one is small.
  9. Is this your cat?
  10. You did not understand this problem.
  11. Mary went from that house to that restaurant.
  12. I sold these books for forty dollars (dólares).
  13. I have this little table. It is in my living room.
  14. Sarah arrived at this gym at seven. (Use the preposition a with llegar.)
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