1. Translate

Remember we must use the article for generic nouns: los profesores trabajan mucho, los pilotos son altos, etc.

  1. Lawyers work a lot and earn (ganar) a lot of money.
  2. Firefighters and police officers are tall and strong.
  3. My cousin (m) is a salesperson at a store.
  4. My sister is a student.
  5. Engineers and judges work at an office sometimes.
  6. Accountants are very busy.
  7. I am a psychologist, and my wife is an economist.
  8. Alicia Keys is my favorite singer. She sings very well.
  9. My friend is a waiter at a restaurant.
  10. Who is your favorite actor, and why?
  11. Alicia is a journalist at the New York Times.
  12. Politicians talk a lot.
  13. Is she a professor at Columbia University?
  14. My father is a taxi driver in Bogotá.
  15. James is a nurse, and his wife Norah is a doctor.
  16. Receptionists at my office are always very happy.
  17. My dog Milú loves his vet.
  18. Is she a pilot, a model, an architect, or a scientist?
  19. Salvador Dalí is my favorite painter from Spain, and Frida Kahlo is my favorite painter from Mexico.
  20. Your friend Peter is a chef at a restaurant in Brooklyn.
  21. In the US, mailmen work on Saturdays.
  22. The psychiatrist (f) and the secretary (m) are from Lima.
  23. Her sister is a writer.

2. Write a short essay

Choose a. your brother/sister, b. your best friend, or c. your significant other and tell us everything about him/her: where does he/she live, what does he/she do, physical characteristics, personality, etc.

3. Translate

  1. I am very nervous.
  2. Juan is very happy.
  3. Pedro is always polite.
  4. Madrid is in Spain.
  5. My cousin (m) is from Korea.
  6. My sister is in Korea.
  7. I am a lawyer.
  8. I am very worried.
  9. Juan's eyes are blue.
  10. Maria's hair is long.
  11. Maria has long hair.

4. Fill in the blanks using ser or estar

  1. Yo _________ enojado.
  2. Tú _________ en Madrid.
  3. Mi abuelo _________ calvo.
  4. Su hermana _________ embarazada (pregnant).
  5. Ella _________ enfermera.
  6. Los economistas _________ inteligentes.
  7. Ana _________ muy rica.
  8. Usted _________ en Washington.
  9. La Casa Blanca _________ en Washington.
  10. Ustedes _________ de Corea.
  11. Ellas _________ doctoras.
  12. Yo _________ muy cansado los viernes.

5. Fill in the blanks

porque - because
  1. Los lunes yo estoy muy __________________ porque __________________________.
  2. Los martes yo estoy muy __________________ porque __________________________.
  3. Los miércoles yo estoy muy __________________ porque __________________________.
  4. Los jueves yo estoy muy __________________ porque __________________________.
  5. Los viernes yo estoy muy __________________ porque __________________________.
  6. Los sábados yo estoy muy __________________ porque __________________________.
  7. Los domingos yo estoy muy __________________ porque __________________________.
  8. Yo soy muy __________________ y muy __________________ y un poco __________________.

6. Write a conversation using the present tense

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