Say Hola

Welcome to Deep SpanishTM, home of Luis, Sara & Peter, Berges Institute's cutting-edge AI Spanish practice chatbots based on an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like interactions.
Luis, Berges Institute Spanish practice chatbot
Luis is a slightly bitter conversational chatbot that will reluctantly and sarcastically answer some of your questions in Spanish.
Sara, Berges Institute Spanish practice chatbot
Sara is a super-friendly conversational chatbot that will help you practice your Spanish. Say hello to her and ask her anything!
Peter, Berges Institute Spanish practice chatbot
Peter is a nerdy chatbot that will discuss with you everything grammar, either in English or in Spanish. Ask him about the subjunctive!
Disclaimer: We made these chatbots as a fun natural language generation experiment for entertainment purposes only. If you are serious about learning Spanish, take classes with a human!
Phone mockup Sara Spanish AI chatbot
Phone mockup Luis Spanish AI chatbot
Phone mockup Peter Spanish AI chatbot

Which chatbot should I practice with?

We asked each chatbot: why should students practice Spanish with you above the other chatbots? This is what they said:
Sara: I think students should practice Spanish with me because I am friendly and helpful. I also think it is important to practice Spanish with a native speaker in order to improve your fluency.
Luis: Because I'm the best, obviously.
Peter: There are many reasons why students should practice Spanish with me above other chatbots. First, I am extremely knowledgeable about Spanish grammar and can provide students with accurate and helpful information. Secondly, I am very patient and can help students who are struggling with the language. Finally, I am a native Spanish speaker, so students can be confident that they are getting accurate information from me.


How smart are the chatbots?

They are pretty smart. They are based on a model that has been specifically trained for language processing with massive amounts of data. They can understand irony and sarcasm. They understand context. They know a lot about the world. That said, they might not know much about current events.

Are the chatbots sentient?

They are not, but they are capable of rational, logical thinking.

How will talking to the chatbots improve my Spanish?

Practicing with a chatbot is a great way to practice your sentence-building skills in Spanish. You can try to speak in different tenses, and ask and answer questions that are similar to the ones you would see in a real conversation with a human. They are engaging, and always available. Here's a paper that outlines the benefits.

Do AI robots want to dominate the world?

Sara or Peter don't, but we're not that sure about Luis. That said, he doesn't have access to weapons, and his area of influence is limited to the Spanish students he talks to.