1. Translate

  1. David is more handsome than Michael.
  2. Who is as handsome as Peter?
  3. I have less money than Sarah.
  4. My apartment is as small as a closet.
  5. I have as many houses as Ana.
  6. María is taller than Javier.
  7. Beyoncé sells more tickets (boletos) than Pat Metheny.
  8. My mother is shorter than I. (Use yo, not mí; que is not a preposition, it's a conjunction.)
  9. Our house is bigger than Frodo's house.
  10. Eating a lot of veggies is better than eating a lot of pork. (Use infinitive: comer.)
  11. My apartment is smaller than my mother's apartment.
  12. George paints worse than Peter.
  13. I eat as much pizza as you.
  14. Rihanna has as many fans (aficionados) as Beyoncé.
  15. Kate is as beautiful as María.
  16. Michael's house is the tallest in the neighborhood (vecindario).
  17. My friend Kevin is the worst singer in Spain.
  18. My roommate (compañero de cuarto) works less than a koala.
  19. Ferrán Adriá is the best chef in the world.
  20. Leo is as joyful as Peter.
  21. Francis is more polite than George. George is a little rude.
  22. Bill Gates is the richest man in the world (el mundo).
  23. Jennifer is younger than Michael.
  24. James is nice, but his sister Jane is very unfriendly.
  25. Sarah's hair is curlier than Brian's hair. Mary's hair is long and straight.
  26. Peter works as much as Sarah.
  27. Francis has as many jackets as Jessica.

2. Answer the questions

  1. Normalmente, ¿trabajas los lunes tanto como los sábados?
  2. ¿Quién es el doctor más famoso de la televisión?
  3. ¿Qué pais es más grande, Rusia o Canadá?
  4. ¿Cuál es el desierto (desert) más grande del mundo?

3. Write three sentences using comparatives and three using superlatives

4. Translate

  1. On March 26th, I went to San Francisco.
  2. On July 4th, she went to the park.
  3. On April 30th, they went to Café Gijón.
  4. On January 23rd, you went to Madrid.
  5. On February 4th, I went to a restaurant.
  6. On June 5th, we went to the supermarket.
  7. On September 21st, you (formal, singular) went to the movie theater.
  8. On October 22nd, they (f) went to Peter's apartment.
  9. On May 14th, I went to Philadelphia.
  10. On December 31st, he went to work.
  11. On August 1st, you (form., plural) went to Brooklyn.
  12. On November 27th, they went to a club.

5. Translate

I went to the market on Monday. On Tuesday, I went to Central Park. On Wednesday, I went to a restaurant. On Thursday, I went to Boston. I went to my friend's house on Friday. On Saturday, I went to the gym.

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