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Private Spanish Lessons

Private lessons are more expensive than group classes, but if that's not an issue, they are highly recommended. They can be fully customized. Usually, with beginners, we follow our regular program, with the added benefit of having extra practice. With more advanced students, we can review grammar topics, work on your pronunciation, or even discuss the situation of the rare fish market in Spanish, if that's something helpful to you.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, you can book one lesson with one of our instructors, and after that first lesson decide whether you like the instructor's style and then book a few more. As with learning everything, consistency is key!

Set Your Own Pace

For most people, we usually recommend taking one 60-min lesson per week (and then spending a few more hours each week doing your homework, studying, and being exposed to the language by reading, watching TV, or listening to music). If you want to move faster, you can try to do two or even three lessons per week, but keep in mind you'll need to allocate a lot of study time to keep up.