The Graf Method for Spanish Language

The Graf Method is a logic-backed, grammar-based, speaking-focused approach that will have you speaking grammatically correct Spanish faster than any other method.

Serious language students who travel to a country where they speak the new language often conclude the same thing: “I can understand most of what people say to me, but I still find it difficult to get my point across.” There’s a reason for that: deducing meaning using contextual clues is much easier than creating sentences off the top of your head.

Be Able to Speak

The Graf Method is based on the Grammar-Translation method, a system that scholars have been using for centuries to study Latin and Ancient Greek. The modern addition is that it emphasizes spoken language. New concepts are gradually incorporated, and everything is practiced through conversation.

A Simplified Set of Tools

Unlike the vocabulary or total-immersion methods of language training, the Graf Method teaches you how a language works and provides you with a simplified set of tools that will allow you to hold full conversations in a relatively short period of time. At the end of the five courses, you will have developed extremely solid conversational and translational skills.

A teacher holding a textbook