Lista de verbos regulares (list of regular verbs)


amar - to love

ayudar - to help

bailar - to dance

caminar - to walk

cantar - to sing

cenar - to dine / to have dinner

cocinar - to cook

comprar - to buy

desayunar - to have breakfast

descansar - to rest / to relax

enviar - to send

escuchar - to listen

esperar - to wait

estudiar - to study

explicar* - to explain

hablar - to talk / to speak

lavar - to wash

limpiar - to clean

llamar - to call

llegar** - to arrive***

llevar - to take / to carry / to wear

mirar - to look / to watch

odiar - to hate

olvidar - to forget

pagar** - to pay

pintar - to paint

preguntar - to ask

preparar - to prepare

regalar - to give (something as a present)

terminar - to end / to finish

tocar* - to touch / to play an instrument

tomar - to take / to grab / to have (for food & drink)

trabajar - to work

usar - to use

viajar - to travel

visitar - to visit


beber - to drink

comer - to eat

comprender - to understand

correr - to run

creer**** - to believe

leer**** - to read

responder - to answer / to respond

vender - to sell


abrir - to open

discutir - to argue

escribir - to write

existir - to exist

recibir - to receive

vivir - to live


*In the pretérito perfecto tense, explicar and tocar have a spelling change in the first-person singular: expliqué, toqué.

**In the pretérito perfecto tense, llegar and pagar have a spelling change in the first-person singular: llegué, pagué.

***Llegar always uses the preposition a. We arrive "to" places. Llegué a la oficina (I arrived at/in the office).

****In the pretérito perfecto tense, leer and creer have a spelling change in the third-person singular (leyó, creyó) and third-person plural (leyeron, creyeron).

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