1. Translate

  1. A house.
  2. Some big houses.
  3. Two chairs.
  4. There is a sofa in my bedroom.
  5. My house has two bedrooms and a large table.
  6. I have a big closet in my bedroom.
  7. There are two windows in my living room.
  8. There is a table in the kitchen.
  9. My chair is red.
  10. My bathroom is small.
  11. My father's kitchen is very large.
  12. John's table is blue.
  13. There is a small bedroom in my apartment.
  14. There are two bathrooms in my sister's house.
  15. My brother's kitchen is red.
  16. My house has a very large living room and a very small kitchen.
  17. My kitchen does not have a door, but my kitchen has a window.

2. Your house

En mi casa hay dos cuartos, cinco ventanas, una televisión, una sala, una cocina grande y blanca, una mesa roja, dos sillas negras, un piano, dos guitarras y una computadora (a computer).

¿Qué hay en tu casa?

3. Translate

  1. My mother has a green sofa and her living room is large.
  2. Her father is from NYC but she is from Uruguay.
  3. My apartment is small but my bedroom is large.
  4. Our kitchen is yellow and their kitchen is purple.
  5. You (form., pl.) have a big bathroom.
  6. We have a pink closet in the bathroom.
  7. Our apartment has a big living room but a small kitchen.
  8. There are five chairs in my room.
  9. Ana has two cousins (m) and they are in NYC.
  10. On Thursday afternoons they go to a market.
  11. There is a big table in my kitchen but I do not have chairs.
  12. My room has two windows.
  13. Their sister is in NYC. She goes to (the) church on Wednesdays.
  14. Our house has a big table.
  15. Do you have brothers or sisters?
  16. What do you do on Sunday mornings?
  17. What is her favorite movie?
  18. My mother's sofa is yellow.

4. Conjugate

  • Hablar (to talk)
  • Cocinar (to cook)
  • Caminar (to walk)
  • Amar (to love)
  • Estudiar (to study)
  • Bailar (to dance)
  • Trabajar (to work)
  • Comprar (to buy)
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