Level 2: The Past Tense and Other Topics

Level 2: The Past Tense and Other Topics

If you are already familiar with the present tense, can introduce yourself, talk a little bit about yourself, ask other people about themselves, and you know some basic vocabulary (family, parts of the body, and some everyday objects), you are ready for Level 2.

In this level, you will work on the past tense (it's called pretérito perfecto). You will improve your descriptive vocabulary as you learn how to tell stories of what you or other people did in the past.

To take this level, you should have scored at least 6 points on our Online Placement Test and/or completed the Beginners Level.

How it works

1. Find a class that works for you and enroll. You can book more classes now or later.
2. Follow the instructions to join the video conference room on the day of your class.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Present tense review

In this lesson, you will review the present tense conjugation for ser, estar, tener, ir, hacer, and regular verbs ending in -ar, -er, and -ir. You will also learn some descriptive vocabulary you can use with ser and estar.

Lesson 2: Descriptive vocab + past tense intro

In this lesson, you will review the descriptive vocab you learned in lesson 1, and you will learn comparatives and superlatives and how to conjugate verbs ir and hacer in the pretérito perfecto tense.

Lesson 3: The past tense

In this lesson, you will review comparatives and superlatives and you will learn how to conjugate both regular and some important irregular verbs in the past tense.

Lesson 4: Past tense practice

In this lesson, you will practice the past tense by asking and answering questions. You will also learn how to use antes de and después de.

Lesson 5: Demonstratives + two-verb construction

In this lesson, you will learn demonstrative adjectives, and you will learn how to use common two-verb constructions both in the present and past tense.

Lesson 6: Practice + numbers

In this lesson, you will review and practice the past tense and two-verb constructions, and you'll learn to count up to 1 million!

Lesson 7: Weather, present progressive, and reflexive verbs

In this lesson, you will learn how to talk about the weather, how to conjugate the present progressive, and how to use reflexive verbs in the past tense.

Lesson 8: Conocer & saber

In this lesson, you will learn how to conjugate and use verbs conocer and saber. You will also review the present progressive and the weather.

Lesson 9: Review

In this lesson, you will review all the material taught in lessons 1-8. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want!

After this lesson, you will receive an exam to test your knowledge.

Lesson 10: More review and practice

In this lesson, you will practice with your instructor and your classmates all the material you've learned. You are now able to speak Spanish in the past tense. Congratulations!

Reviews from our students

Michael Allen
star 5.0
Fantastic class. Material is organized in ways that make sense and teaches strong core ideas while also offering vocabulary that can be used day to day.
Richard Stegman
star 5.0
I found the course to be very helpful. Learning in community works well in developing speaking skills.
Lisa Labrado
star 5.0
This course was hard! It was made understandable by Sofia. She is a really wonderful, insightful and generous instructor.
Madalina Vlase
star 5.0
I had a great experience with the course at Berges Institute, I learned a lot and improved my Spanish. The video format interactive class is the best way to learn. I booked all classes from the beginning and kept me on a regular weekly schedule. I am looking forward to practice and improve what I learned so far. Thank you Berges Institute!
Ray Valdez
star 5.0
My Spanish courses has been great with Rolando as my Spanish teacher. In only two courses of 10 weeks each course. I've been having conversations at work, reading, writing well. This has been a great experience in this class and I will be finishing all 5 sessions and hopefully at the end of my courses I will be fluent.
Darian Woods
star 5.0
Appropriate level and amount of homework for someone who also works a 9-5. Good interaction and clear explanations.
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