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Animals in Spanish

Apr 13, 2023 • 4 minutes
Updated Jul 31, 2023
Animals in Spanish

¿Cuál es tu animal favorito?

Here’s a list of animal names. Interestingly, most of them have a set gender for the species (and it’s totally random). If we want to specifically refer to a biological gender inside a species we’ll have to add either “macho” or “hembra” right after: la ardilla macho, la ardilla hembra, el canguro macho, el canguro hembra.

With some animal names (and again it’s totally random) we’ll have the choice to make them either feminine or masculine by adjusting the ending. And then for horse, we have different names for male and female.

Lastly, “águila” is feminine, but since it starts with an “a”, we have to use the masculine article.

Here’s the list:

La abeja - The bee

El águila - The eagle

El alce - The moose

La araña - The spider

La ardilla - The squirrel

El avestruz - The ostrich

La avispa - The wasp

La ballena - The whale

El buey - The ox

El búfalo - The buffalo

El búho - The owl

El buitre - The vulture

El burro/la burra - The donkey

El caballito de mar - The sea-horse

El caballo/la yegua - The horse

La cabra - The goat

El caimán - The caiman

El calamar - The squid

El camaleón - The chameleon

El camello - The camel

El cangrejo - The crab

El canguro - The kangaroo

El caracol - The snail

La cebra - the zebra

El cerdo/la cerda - The pig

El chacal - The jackal

El chimpancé - The chimpanzee

El ciempiés - The centipede

El ciervo/la cierva - The deer

La cigüeña - The stork

El cisne - The swan

La cobaya - The guinea pig

El cocodrilo - The crocodile

El cóndor - The condor

La cucaracha - The cockroach

El cuervo - The raven

El delfín - The dolphin

El dromedario - The dromedary (one-humped camel)

El elefante/la elefanta - The elephant

El erizo/la eriza - The hedgehog

El escorpión - The scorpion

La estrella de mar - The starfish

El flamenco - The flamingo

La foca - The seal

La gacela - The gazelle

La gallina - The hen

El gallo - The rooster

La gamba/el camarón - The shrimp

El ganso/la gansa - The goose

El gato/la gata - The cat

La gaviota - The seagull

El gorila - The gorilla

El grillo/la grilla - The cricket

El guepardo - The cheetah

El gusano - The worm

El halcón - The falcon

La hiena - The hyena

El hipopótamo/la hipopótama - The hippopotamus

La hormiga - The ant

La iguana - The iguana

La jirafa - The giraffe

El koala - The koala

El león/la leona - The lion

El leopardo/la leoparda - The leopard

La libélula - The dragonfly

El lince - The lynx

La llama - The llama

El lobo/la loba - The wolf

El loro - The parrot

El manatí - The manatee

El mapache - The raccoon

La mariposa - The butterfly

La mariquita - The ladybug

La marmota - The groundhog

La medusa - The jellyfish

La mofeta - The skunk

El mono/la mona - The monkey

La morsa - The walrus

La mosca - The fly

El murciélago/la murciélaga - The bat

La orca - The orca

El oso/la osa - The bear

La oveja - The sheep

El pájaro/la pájara - The bird

La pantera - The panther

El pato/la pata - The duck

El pavo/la pava - The turkey

El pavo real/la pava real - The peacock

El perro/la perra - The dog

El pingüino - The penguin

La pulga - The flea

El pulpo - The octopus

La rana - The frog

La rata - The rat

El ratón - The mouse

La raya - The stingray

El rinoceronte/la rinoceronta - The rhino

El saltamontes - The grasshopper

La serpiente - The snake

El tiburón - the shark

El tigre/la tigresa - The tiger

El topo/la topa - The mole

El toro - The bull

La tortuga - The turtle

La vaca - The cow

El zorro/la zorra - The fox

Note about “cigüeña” and “pingüino”: The “u” in these two words has a diéresis on top of it, which means that it should be pronounced. As you probably know, in Spanish, by default, we don’t pronounce the “u” in syllables “gue” and “gui”. That diéresis breaks the rule.

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