Spanish Verb Conjugations


(reflexive) to smarten oneself up, to preen oneself, to spruce up oneself
The Graf Method for Spanish Language

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Infinitive: acicalarse
Gerund: acicalándose
Participle: acicalado
Personal pronouns (pronombres personales)
tú / vos
él / ella / usted
nosotros / nosotras
vosotros / vosotras
ellos / ellas / ustedes
Present (presente)
me acicalo
te acicalas
se acicala
nos acicalamos
os acicaláis
se acicalan
Preterite (pretérito perfecto)
me acicalé
te acicalaste
se acicaló
nos acicalamos
os acicalasteis
se acicalaron
Imperfect (pretérito imperfecto)
me acicalaba
te acicalabas
se acicalaba
nos acicalábamos
os acicalabais
se acicalaban
Future (futuro)
me acicalaré
te acicalarás
se acicalará
nos acicalaremos
os acicalaréis
se acicalarán
Conditional (condicional)
me acicalaría
te acicalarías
se acicalaría
nos acicalaríamos
os acicalaríais
se acicalarían
Present subjunctive (presente de subjuntivo)
me acicale
te acicales
se acicale
nos acicalemos
os acicaléis
se acicalen
Imperfect subjunctive (pretérito imperfecto de subjuntivo)
me acicalara
te acicalaras
se acicalara
nos acicaláramos
os acicalarais
se acicalaran
Imperative (imperativo)
acicalaos (vosotros)
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