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Spanish classes in Santa Clarita

Take Spanish classes near Santa Clarita with an online teacher. All our classes are live and synchronous.

Unlimited, grammar-intensive live classes
FREE for the first 15 days
$99/month after that
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How it works

1. Find a class that works for you and enroll. You can book more classes now or later.
2. Follow the instructions to join the video conference room on the day of your class.

Reviews from our students

Dana Shaw
star 5.0
Excellent course. I feel as though I learned a lot in a short amount of time. The classes were fun and interesting with Edgardo and he made concepts very clear. He was also very patient and supportive. I am continuing on with him, and feel that I will get the best possible education in Spanish.
Mengdi Gu
star 5.0
Love the course material and structure. It definitely sets the foundation for my Spanish learning.
Whitney Mehta - ACXIOM
star 5.0
Really enjoyed the class. Every week I was surprised by my ability to put words together to create longer sentences. Nelson made the class fun and interactive which made all the difference. I also was able to make friends from work which was an added bonus! Definitely a lot to learn still, but am so happy with everything I learned in 10 weeks.
Murali Durbha - ACXIOM
star 5.0
Great course. Excellent instructor. Very interactive. Forces you to learn and speak Spanish, instead of just listening and forgetting.
Daphne Saavedra
star 5.0
I had the privilege of being a student in Professor Sofia's Spanish class, and I must express my sincere appreciation for her exceptional teaching style. Sofia proved to be an amazing educator who adeptly delivered content in a manner that was both accessible and easy to digest. One of the standout qualities of Professor Sofia was her deliberate pace, ensuring that all students could follow along and comprehend the material thoroughly. Her use of relatable examples and clear explanations significantly enhanced the learning experience, making complex concepts more manageable. What truly set Professor Sofia apart was her ability to create a classroom environment that was not only educational but also enjoyable. She infused a sense of joy and enthusiasm into her lessons, making the learning process both engaging and dynamic. Importantly, Sofia fostered a safe and supportive atmosphere where students felt comfortable making mistakes without fear of embarrassment. In conclusion, I highly commend Professor Sofia for her dedication to her students' understanding and her commitment to cultivating a positive learning environment. Sofia's teaching style is a testament to her passion for education, and I feel fortunate to have benefited from her expertise.
Andre Woodson
star 5.0
It's a great course for the value! For those thinking about taking the courses from Berges Institute, just be aware that you have to commit time outside of the course to expand on what you learned in the class. You are not going to become proficient by only spending 90 minutes a week in class. Berges does a great job getting you started, but you do have to put in the work when you're not in class.


Between 4 and 10, usually.
Most students at Berges are between 25 and 70 years old, although we have many students who are younger or older than that.
Nope, we speak mostly in English in Levels 1 and 2, and then progressively add more and more Spanish. Conversation classes are 100% in Spanish.
Yes! All our classes are via Zoom. The system will email you the link every time you book a class.

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