Spanish classes in Pleasanton

Take Spanish classes near Pleasanton with an online teacher. All our classes are live and synchronous.

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Andres Lopez teaching an online Spanish class

The Berges Experience

We offer both Spanish group classes and private lessons for adults in a relaxed atmosphere. We use our own teaching approach: the Graf Method. It is a logic-based system that takes advantage of the speaking skills you already have in your native language to teach you Spanish.

We show you how the language works. By taking classes with us, you will acquire a basic set of tools that will allow you to express yourself in nearly every topic and every tense in a relatively short amount of time.

Elena, from Berges Institute, teaching Spanish language class
Elena, from Berges Institute, teaching Spanish language class

Download Unit 1 for Free

Download a PDF version of The Graf Method for Spanish Language, Vol.1, Unit 1 for free!

In this unit, we discuss the alphabet, definite and indefinite articles, and verbs ser and estar, among other topics. You'll also find some exercises at the end to practice the material.