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Spanish classes in Euclid

Take Spanish classes near Euclid with an online teacher. All our classes are live and synchronous.

Unlimited, grammar-intensive live classes
FREE for the first 15 days
$99/month after that
Cancel any time with two clicks
A student taking a live online Spanish class

How it works

1. Find a class that works for you and enroll. You can book more classes now or later.
2. Follow the instructions to join the video conference room on the day of your class.

Reviews from our students

Janise Ashe
star 5.0
The class is very good. I love the text book. The interactive structure of the class even though it’s online. Highly recommended for beginners
Angela Hickey
star 5.0
I am glad I selected this program to learn Spanish. I appreciate that the course uses the construct of the Spanish language as a foundational teaching. This approach facilitates my learning the language and not just memorizing words. Well worth the investment. I am now advancing to Lesson 2.
Rivelino Mercharles
star 5.0
As a beginner, the teacher makes me love Spanish and always impatient to get to her class. Everyone always involved and she does cares to explain every little details.
Charlotte M.
star 5.0
Very well organized, the Graf method is excellent.
Charlotte M.
star 5.0
This course was extremely well organized and straightforward. I love using the Graf method and am very excited to move onto Level 2!
Grant Fox
star 5.0
I have tried to learn Spanish in the past, using many different approaches, but I have found this course to be the most useful. I appreciate the methodology used and the delivery method. Works for me so far!


Between 4 and 10, usually.
Most students at Berges are between 25 and 70 years old, although we have many students who are younger or older than that.
Nope, we speak mostly in English in Levels 1 and 2, and then progressively add more and more Spanish. Conversation classes are 100% in Spanish.
Yes! All our classes are via Zoom. The system will email you the link every time you book a class.

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