Validating the Short-form Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale

Elouise Botes , Lindie van der Westhuizen , Jean-Marc Dewaele , Peter MacIntyre & Samuel Greiff
Applied Linguistics, 2022-04-14


Foreign language classroom anxiety (FLCA) is a popular construct in applied linguistics research, traditionally measured with the 33-item Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale (FLCAS). However, recent studies have started utilizing the eight-item Short-Form FLCAS (S-FLCAS). There is therefore a need, which this study addressed in five sequential steps, to validate the S-FLCAS in order to ensure the validity and reliability of the scale. A sample of n = 370 foreign language learners was utilized in the validation efforts, which included exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, the establishment of convergent and discriminant validity, and invariance testing. The S-FLCAS was found to have a unidimensional structure with the eight items loading on a single latent variable. Evidence was provided of the internal consistency and the convergent and discriminate validity of the S-FLCAS. In addition, the measure was found to be fully invariant across age, gender, educational levels, and L1 groups. It is, therefore, with some considerable confidence that we can recommend the future use of the S-FLCAS in peer-reviewed research.
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