Level 4: Object Pronouns, Future Tense and Verb Haber

Level 4: Object Pronouns, Future Tense and Verb Haber

If you are comfortable using pretérito perfecto and pretérito imperfecto tenses, you should register for Level 4.

In this course, you will work deeply on direct object and indirect object pronouns as you expand your vocabulary, review the past tenses, and work on the future tense. You will also learn the compound tenses, read stories that will be discussed in class, and write challenging assignments.

To take this level, you should have scored at least 16 points on our Online Placement Test and/or completed Level 3.

How it works

1. Find a class that works for you and enroll. You can book more classes now or later.
2. Follow the instructions to join the video conference room on the day of your class.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Repaso general de los tiempos básicos

En esta lección vamos a repasar el presente, pretérito pretérito perfecto, pretérito imperfecto, y futuro con ir.

Lesson 2: Pronombres de objecto directo y objeto indirecto

En esta lección vas a aprender a identificar los objetos directos e indirectos y a sustituirlos por el pronombre correcto.

Lesson 3: Pronombres dobles + decir y dar

En esta lección vamos a ver cómo funcionan los pronombres dobles, y vamos a aprender a conjugar los verbos decir y dar.

Lesson 4: Futuro

En esta lección vas a aprender a conjugar el tiempo futuro (verbos regulares y verbos irregulares importantes).

Lesson 5: Preposiciones y adverbios

En esta lección repasaremos todas las preposiciones del español y algunos adverbios importantes.

Lesson 6: Tiempos compuestos

En esta lección aprenderás a usar los tiempos compuestos (con el verbo haberi).

Lesson 7: Tiempos compuestos + pronombres de OD/OI

En esta lección aprenderás a usar los tiempos compuestos con los pronombres de objector directo y objeto indirecto.

Lesson 8: Preguntar y pedir

En esta lección aprenderás a conjugar y a usar los verbos pedir y preguntar.

Lesson 9: Repaso

En esta lección repasaremos todo el material de las lecciones 1-8. Después de esta lección recibirás un examen.

Lesson 10: Más repaso y práctica

En esta lección practicarás con tu profesor y tus compañeros de clase el uso de todo el material que has aprendido en este nivel. Ahora sabes usar los tiempos compuestos y los pronombres de OD y OI correctamente. ¡Enhorabuena!

Reviews from our students

Fred Wellisch
star 5.0
I thought the lessons in Level 4 were clear and well-paced. This has been true of the previous levels as well. The homework was also perfectly geared to what was taught in each lesson. And, of course, Unit 6, with all of its verb forms, both regular and irregular, has been quite useful.
Oscar Marin
star 5.0
The courses provide you with a solid grounding in grammar and conjugation and real-world conversational usage of the language. I feel very proud that as I have progressed levels, more and more of the classes are conducted in Spanish and my comprehension has developed so well. And, as an adult learner, I really appreciate that the teachers provide reassurance that mistakes are important to learning. They encourage the students to try and if you make a mistake, so what? The emphasis is on learning; it is not about grades and perfection. Most students attend because they genuinely want to learn to speak the language and the instructors support this end goal and encourage students to embrace the fact that progress will not be perfectly linear. The structure of the courses supports this approach too; each level includes review and enforcement of previous levels. In summary, this is the first Spanish course I've taken that has really worked for me.
Cheryl Schuster
star 5.0
The course was well planned out, as are all of the Berges courses, in a way that gave us lots of practice with some difficult topics.
Raia Blum
star 5.0
I learned a lot in this course and really enjoyed it! There were 2 weeks during which our instructor Rolando was out, and we were rescheduled with a substitute instructor (she was Peruvian, I can’t remember her name but I think it may have been Maria), and I really didn’t find her teaching style effective, it felt like a bit of a wasted 2 weeks unfortunately. She was not very personable and the classes felt awkward and unhelpful. I would have preferred the course to just have been extended 2 weeks (and we skip classes the 2 weeks Rolando was out) or that we have the option ahead of time to choose to join a different class so we could select the instructor.
James Knowles
star 5.0
it moves at a good pace while covering the items that are essential to move forward
Makayla Johnson
star 5.0
I ended up taking this course twice because the first time I had to miss a few classes and the concepts (especially pronouns) were challenging for me. My second time around was much better!
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