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Summer vocabulary in Spanish

Berges Institute • Jun 1, 2023 • 1 minute
Updated Jul 31, 2023
Summer vocabulary in Spanish
The Graf Method for Spanish Language

Download a PDF version of The Graf Method for Spanish Language, Vol.1 for free!

In this volume, we discuss the alphabet, definite and indefinite articles, and verbs ser and estar, among other topics.

Here is a list of summer-related terms. If you go to the beach this summer, don't forget to take your Spanish textbook with you!

La piscina - the pool

El parque - the park

La playa - the beach

La arena - the sand

El mar - the sea

El océano - the ocean

La marea - the tide

Nadar - to swim

Bucear - to dive / to swim underwater

Tirarse de cabeza - to dive head first into the pool

El trampolín - the springboard (It’s a false friend. Trampoline [EN] = cama elástica [ES])

Las vacaciones - vacation / holidays

Viajar - to travel

El viaje - the trip

El sol - the sun

El bañador - the swimsuit

El bikini - the bikini

Las sandalias - the sandals

Las chancletas - the flip-flops

La gorra - the cap

El sombrero - the hat

Los pantalones cortos / los shorts - shorts

El protector solar - sunscreen

La pelota hinchable - the beach ball

El aire acondicionado - the AC

El ventilador - the fan

La barbacoa / la parrillada - outdoor grilling party / barbecue

El helado - the ice cream

El polo - the popsicle

La nevera portátil - the portable cooler

La cerveza muy fría - very cold beer

La piña colada - the piña colada

Quemarse - to get sunburned

Broncearse - to tan

La sombrilla - the beach umbrella

Largos paseos por la playa - long walks on the beach

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