Spanish vocabulary: Fitness-related terms

Berges Institute • Jun 8, 2023 • 1 minute
Updated Jan 31, 2024
Spanish vocabulary: Fitness-related terms
The Graf Method for Spanish Language

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Here is a list of fitness-related terms. They might be useful if you decide to hit the gym while traveling around Spain or Latin America.

Fitness - Fitness

Entrenar (lit. to train) / hacer ejercicio - To workout

Correr - To run

Saltar - To jump

Levantar - To lift

Gimnasio - Gym

Comba / cuerda - Jump rope

Pesas - Weights

Barra - Bar

Mancuerna - Dumbbell

Pesa rusa (lit. Russian weight) - Kettlebell

“Press” de banca - Bench press

“Press” de hombro - Shoulder press

Extensión - Extension

Dominada - Pull-up

Sentadilla - Squat

Zancada / estocada - Lunge

Flexión - Push-up

Saltos de tijera (lit. scissors jumps) - Jumping jacks

Abdominales - Sit-ups

Burpee - Burpee

Hacer el pino (lit. to do the pine tree) - To perform a handstand

Hacer el pino-puente - To perform a handstand into a bridge

Peso muerto (lit. dead weight) - Deadlift

Cargada y envión - Clean and jerk

Arrancada - Snatch

Salto mortal (lit. mortal jump) - Front flip

Mortal hacia atrás - Back flip

Agujetas (used with tener- muscle ache after working out (there is no term in English!)

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