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Spanish rhyming phrases

Berges Institute • Jul 13, 2023 • 1 minute
Updated Nov 15, 2023
Spanish rhyming phrases
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Here are some fun expressions in Spanish that feature rhyming reduplication (kind of like “even Steven” or “easy peasy” in English).

Me piro, vampiro.

We discussed it here.

Qué nivel, Maribel.

“Qué nivel” could be translated as “how fancy,” “how posh,” or even "how awesome."

Ya te digo, Rodrigo.

“Ya te digo” could be translated as “I’m telling you.”

En fin, Serafín.

“En fin” means “all in all” or “in short”, although in Spanish it can be used by itself, meaning something like “anyway…”

Eso está hecho, berberecho.

You got it, cockle.

Alucina, vecina.

“Alucinar” was used in Spain a lot in the 80s meaning something like “having your mind blown”. It has to be used with “vecina”, in feminine, because it wouldn’t rhyme otherwise.

A otra cosa, mariposa.

Let’s move on to another thing, butterfly.

Guay del Paraguay.

“Guay” means “cool”.

Hola caracola.

Hello, seashell.

Más feliz que una perdiz.

Happier than a partridge (i.e. very happy!)

Mi gozo en un pozo.

My hopes/my joy in a water well...

De eso nada, monada.

No way, cutie-pie.

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