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Presidential election!

Presidential election!

Here's a list of presidential election related terms, in case you haven't talked about it enough in English and you want to also discuss it in Spanish.

Elecciones presidenciales (plural!) – Presidential election

El/la candidato/a – The candidate

La campaña – The campaign 

El partido político – The political party

El voto – The vote/the ballot

Voto presencial – In-person vote

Voto por correo – Mail-in vote 

Votar – To vote

Ganar – To win 

La urna – The ballot box

El/la presidente/a – The president

El/la vicepresidente/a – The vicepresident

El debate – The debate

El/la moderador(a) – The moderator 

Los votantes – The voters

Los estados “bisagra” – The swing states

Contar – Count

El recuento – The recount

Los resultados – The results

A false friend (sort of):

Colegio electoral (non capitalized) – School used as a polling place

Colegio Electoral (capitalized, and in US context) – Electoral College

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