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No, sorry, you go ahead

No, sorry, you go ahead

During these uncertain times we have been living in since March, we have changed our daily routines. Many work, self-improvement, and leisure activities involve online meetings, and of course attending a Spanish language class is one of them.

For that reason, I wanted to teach you some expressions that will make your life easier during your own meetings in Spanish, if you happen to have them, or our weekly classes. During these months teaching online classes, I have heard lines like these daily:

- Can everyone see my screen?

- No, sorry, you go ahead.

- Oops, I was on mute.

- Do you want to meet my dog? 

- Can you unmute your mic, please?

The second one and the fourth one are probably the most common ones. We should learn how to say some expressions like these in Spanish because we are global citizens and online learning is the new normality. During the past few months teaching online, I’ve realized the following:

- Online education is a new trend and will stay with us more than ever.

- Online classes bring education right to your home, without commute, and traffic delays, which is super convenient.

- Online courses allow you to be more independent and require you to be responsible for your own learning.

- Having meetings, classes, and happy hours online leaves you more time for all the other things you love.

So here are some expressions in Spanish that can help us improve our online meetings:

1. Are you there? - ¿Estás ahí?

2. We can see you! - ¡Te podemos ver!

3. You're on mute. - Estás en silencio.

4. Can you unmute your microphone? - ¿Puedes activar tu micrófono? 

5. Can you hear me now? - ¿Puedes escucharme ahora?

6. Can you mute your microphone? - ¿Puedes silenciar tu micrófono?

7. You've got a bad connection. - Tienes una mala conexión.

8. Is that better? - ¿Eso está mejor?

9. You're frozen! Sorry! - ¡Estás congelado/a! ¡Lo siento!

10. We've lost Alexandra! - ¡Hemos perdido a Alexandra!

11. Could you put the email in the chat box? - ¿Podrías poner el correo electrónico en el chat?

12. Thank you all for attending today! - ¡Gracias a todos por asistir hoy!

13. Can everyone see my screen? - ¿Todos pueden ver mi pantalla?

14. No, sorry, you go ahead. - No, disculpa, continúa.

15. Oops, I was on mute. - Huy, estaba en silencio.

16. Do you want to meet my dog? - ¿Quieres conocer a mi perro?

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