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New conservative Spanish-language media company wants to rescue viewers from 'Marxist,' 'leftist-agenda-pushing' CNN, Univision

Berges Institute • Mar 3, 2023 • 1 minute
Updated Mar 4, 2023
New conservative Spanish-language media company wants to rescue viewers from 'Marxist,' 'leftist-agenda-pushing' CNN, Univision
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Americano Media has big plans. It wants to mobilize center-right Hispanic voters for the 2024 election by becoming "Fox News in Spanish."

Company's CEO Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo recently told an audience in Las Vegas that mainstream media Spanish-language outlets like Univision, CNN en Español, and Telemundo "brainwash" watchers and push "a leftist agenda."

Although Americano Media launched in March 2022, it spent the past year doing mostly radio, in a partnership with Sirius XM’s Latino. But it just hired more than 80 journalists and producers and plans to build television studios in several U.S. cities.

A Pew Research Center survey conducted before the 2022 Midterm Election found that 53% of Latino registered voters planned to vote for the Democratic candidate. Interestingly, the survey found Latino Evangelical Protestants were more likely to vote for the Republican candidate than Latino Catholics and those who were religiously unaffiliated.

While Garcia-Hidalgo has said their reporting will be fair and balanced, Media Matters researcher Leo Fernandez said the company employs hosts who "reliably spread misinformation and extremism." He named, among others, Dania Alexandrino and Freddy Silva, two media personalities who have often been accused of pushing right-wing narratives.

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