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Since you are probably talking about it often in your conversation classes, here is a list of terms related to COVID-19 in Spanish:

Virus - Virus

Proteína - Protein

Ácido ribonucleico (ARN) - Ribonucleic acid (RNA)

Prueba/Test - Test

Antígenos - Antigens

Anticuerpos - Antibodies

Células T - T cells

Respuesta inmune - Inmune response

Inmunidad - Immunity

Positivo - Positive

Negativo - Negative

Promedio móvil - Rolling average

Número reproductivo básico (R0) - Basic Reproduction Number (R0)

Confinamiento - Lockdown

Cuarentena - Quarantine

Síntomas - Symptoms

Asintomático/a - Asymptomatic

Tos - Cough

Fiebre - Fever

Mascarilla - Mask

Vacuna - Vaccine

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