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6 ways to keep your Spanish learning active

Berges Institute • Aug 10, 2018 • 1 minute
Updated Oct 9, 2023
6 ways to keep your Spanish learning active
The Graf Method for Spanish Language

Download a PDF version of The Graf Method for Spanish Language, Vol.1 for free!

In this volume, we discuss the alphabet, definite and indefinite articles, and verbs ser and estar, among other topics.

Looking for more interactive ways to keep Spanish fresh between classes? Here are some ways to stay involved and learn more about the culture.

1. Quizlet

An app and website with a free and paid offering, lets its users create their own study sets from scratch or copy ones already created by other Quizlet users. Once a study set is copied, the copied version can be edited and changed without affecting the original. Learn interactively with flashcards, matching games and pronunciation and typing lessons. There are over 250 million study sets created on varying subjects other than language.

2. HelloTalk

A mobile app that lets you connect with native speakers from around the globe and learn a language of your choice. Users on this app can chat, send audio messages, share photos and links, and utilize the in-app translation and correction tools. This app lets both participants be learners and teachers at the same time. There is a free and paid version.

3. Reddit

Leverage social by using the vast network of Reddit. You can search for subreddits such as "language," "learnspanish," "Spanish." By joining the Reddit community you can ask questions about grammar, culture and anything else you can think of. Try searching "español" in the search bar and you will get a slew of results in Spanish--perfect for practicing reading comprehension and learning new vocabulary, especially regionalisms and colloquialisms.

4. Google Home

Google’s own voice assistant can now listen and respond in Spanish. You will have to manually change the settings from English to Spanish within the Google Home app to start using the language function. And, Google’s mobile assistant also supports Spanish.


Inti.tv is a Spanish television network that has both a free and membership model. The content you can watch focuses on health, wellness and positivity. You can find documentaries, exercise classes, articles covering a range of topics (written in Spanish) and other multiformat content. Inti is mobile friendly on both operating systems and you can watch it on Sling Television in the U.S. 

6. Children’s books

Head to your public library and take out a children’s book in Spanish. There are plenty of options and you can go online to reserve one if your home library doesn’t house any. This is an easy, interactive way to learn basic words, practice pronunciation, understand context and establish solid associations with words and pictures. May we suggest “Un Hogar Para Max.”

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