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Our top 5 tips for improving your Spanish in the most efficient possible way

Our top 5 tips for improving your Spanish in the most efficient possible way

1. Focus on verb conjugations

While sentence structure in Spanish is similar to English, for the most part, verb usage is super different, and mistakes typically occur there. Make sure you practice your verb conjugations often, and try to put the most thought into the verb part when you put sentences together.

2. Study the grammar to a point where you can explain it

That’s a classic trick for learning anything. If for example you don’t fully understand the tú/usted/vosotros/ustedes deal, or how the subjunctive works, make an effort to learn it in a way in which you can explain to someone else how it goes. And then, go ahead and explain it to someone else over FaceTime!

3. Put in your vocabulary memorization hours

Your brain needs to go over new words a few times before it can fully register them. Since there are lots of words in a language, that means you’ll have to spend plenty of hours doing this. Make sure you put in the work. You can use many different techniques for speeding up the process, but regardless of which approach you use, make sure you spend time working on memorization every week.

4. Actively become exposed to the language

This one is very important, and it’s never been easier. Some quick ways to do this: start watching lots of shows in Spanish, change the language settings in all your devices, and download a few playlists of Spanish-speaking singer-songwriters.

5. Never get frustrated

Understand that mastering a second language is not an easy task and takes years. This is natural. If you acknowledge it from the beginning, you won’t get frustrated. As with most things, if you do it over a long period of time and put in the hard work, you’ll eventually get good at it!

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