School policies

Age requirement

Students must be 15 or older in order to take classes at Berges.

Refund policy for private lesson packages and gift cards

You may cancel your purchase of an unused private lesson package or unused gift card within 45 days after your purchase. To cancel, please contact us, and we will refund the purchase price of your unused item within ten days after we receive the request.

Class cancellation

Berges Institute reserves the right to cancel classes if necessary. If this happens, students will be notified.

Private lesson cancellation policy

If you need to cancel a private lesson, you must do so directly on the website, and the cancellation must be submitted by 9 PM one business day* in advance (we close the instructors' schedules for the next day at that time, and Berges commits to pay them for all the confirmed lessons). If you fail to do so the lesson will be automatically forfeited and cannot be made up.

*Note: “Business Day” means any day other than Saturday, Sunday or other day on which Berges Institute is closed.

Course and instructor review guidelines

Berges Institute reserves the right to remove any review that violates the following content guidelines: 1. Defamatory language and personal attacks are strictly prohibited. 2. Reviews should be unbiased and objective, and reviewer must be or must have been an actual customer at Berges. 3. Reviews must be relevant and not include any contents outside of the consumer experience.