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Welcome to this new section of our website! As the name suggests, we’ll post “stuff” here, and we’ll try to make it interesting. If you’d like to give us any ideas and/or you’d like us to write about a specific topic (related to Spanish language in general, or learning Spanish as a second language in particular) feel free to email us :)

Learning a language is hard, we all know that. At Berges Institute, we’re committed to make the process smooth, fun and, above all, logical.


Vanessa, teaching at Berges NYC

Vanessa, teaching at Berges NYC



From Level 1 through Level 5, we strive to provide an excellent experience through and through. We love doing what we do. It’s such a good feeling seeing students who started with us in the beginners level taking their third or their fourth conversation class. It feels great to be able to see the impact that your work has on others!

Have you taken any classes with us? If so, what was your experience like?