We have a challenge for you. If you are an intermediate student, doing this will greatly improve your Spanish speaking and writing skills.

Here it goes: We’re going to ask you to memorize 98 basic verbs and learn how to conjugate them in the present, past and future tenses, and we’re going to give you a checklist so you can mark what you already know. Feel free to print it and post it on your fridge, where you'll be able to update it as you progress :) (You can also download it and keep your records electronically.)

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6 More Ways to Keep Your Spanish Learning Active

Looking for more interactive ways to keep Spanish fresh between classes? Here are some ways to stay involved and learn more about the culture.

1. Quizlet

An app and website with a free and paid offering, lets its users create their own study sets from scratch or copy ones already created by other Quizlet users. Once a study set is copied, the copied version can be edited and changed without affecting the original. Learn interactively with flashcards, matching games and pronunciation and typing lessons. There are over 250 million study sets created on varying subjects other than language.

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7 Benefits of Speaking a Foreign Language

"Oh, I'd really like to learn other languages, but"…

The sentence after the 'but' doesn't really matter. A great percentage of native English speakers that wish to learn other languages never do because the process is too rigorous. During high school, every student is taught some other language, but they never really learn it on a conversational level. Their Spanish or French is just good enough to pass the exam. And, we're here to explain why that is costing you.

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Why do people study Spanish?

On June 29, 2018, we conducted a survey in which we asked some of our current and former students in NYC and Chicago the following question:

What was the main reason behind your decision to learn and/or improve your Spanish?

The choices where:

-Professional development

-Personal growth



586 students answered. Here are the results:

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Berges Institute - Spanish Classes in Chicago

We opened our second location, Berges Institute Chicago, in February 2018. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it!

Opening a Spanish language school in a new city is not an easy task. There were several things to consider: do a lot of people in Chicago want to learn Spanish? Will Spanish language students in Chicago prefer our Graf Method over the vocabulary and visual methods commonly used by other language schools?

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