The Spanish alphabet

The Spanish alphabet has 27 letters. Here they are:

B (be)
C (ce)
D (de)
F (efe)
G (ge)
H (hache)
J (jota)
K (ka)
L (ele)
M (eme)
N (ene)
Ñ (eñe)
P (pe)
Q (cu)
R (erre)
S (ese)
T (te)
V (uve)
W (uve doble)
X (equis)
Y (i griega)
Z (zeta)


B & V sound the same, like a soft B. Beber = Vivir.

Ch & Ll are consonants phonetically (they have their own sound: llave, chapa…)

H is silent: hablar and hombre, are pronounced /ablar/, /ombre/. 

K & W are not common; they are only used for borrowed words: whisky, katana…

R has two sounds: 

Strong (rolling!), when it is either at the beginning of a word, doubled, or placed after N, L or S: Rata, carro, sonrisa…

Soft, when it is in the middle or the end of a word and not doubled: cara, para, por…   

♦ Y has two sounds:

Vowel, when it is at the end of a word or by itself (y = and), it sounds like I: hoy, estoy…

Consonant, in every other scenario: yo, hoyo…

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