Spanish Grammar Guide

Spanish adverbs ending in -mente

As you have probably noticed, we can turn adjectives into adverbs in Spanish by adding the suffix “-mente” to their feminine version (or to their singular version if the adjective is neutral).

This is very similar to English: we can add the suffix “-ly” to many adjectives with the same results.

Here are some common ones:

Fácilmente - easily
Difícilmente - with difficulty
Honestamente - honestly
Tranquilamente - quietly
Amablemente - kindly
Elegantemente - elegantly
Perfectamente - perfectly
Rápidamente - rapidly
Lentamente - slowly
Finalmente - finally
Afortunadamente - fortunately
Desafortunadamente - unfortunately
Completamente - completely
Totalmente - totally
Felizmente - happily
Tristemente - sadly
Sorprendentemente - surprisingly
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