Spanish Grammar Guide

Professions in Spanish

Here's a list of professions in Spanish:

Abogado lawyer
Actor/Actriz – actor/actress
Arquitecto – architect
Bombero – firefighter
Camarero, Mesero – waiter/waitress 
Cantante (N) – singer
Cartero – mailman/mailwoman
Científico – scientist
Cocinero – cook/chef
Contable (N) – accountant
Dependiente – salesman at a store
Doctor* – doctor
Economista (N) – economist
Enfermero – nurse
Escritor – writer
Estudiante (N) – student
Ingeniero – engineer
Juez – judge
Modelo (N) – model
Periodista (N) – journalist
Piloto (N) – pilot
Pintor – painter
Político – politician
Policía (N) – policeman/policewoman
Profesor – teacher, instructor, professor
Psicólogo – psychologist
Psiquiatra (N) – psychiatrist
Recepcionista (N) – receptionist
Secretario – secretary
Taxista (N) – taxi driver
Veterinario – vet

N = Neutral; same for male and female.  

* For nouns ending in r, we add an a at the end to build the feminine: doctor, doctora, profesor, profesora, etc.

For professions, we always use ser.

Juan es científico, María es cantante, yo soy dependiente, nosotros somos policías, mi hijo es estudiante (notice how we use ser for estudiante, even if we are not usually students permanently).

Note: It is not recommended to use the article un/una with professions: saying yo soy un doctor is considered an Anglicism. Say yo soy doctor instead.

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