Elena Garcia Oliveros

Elena Garcia Oliveros, Instructor at Berges Institute

Elena García Oliveros was born in Valladolid (in the heart of Castilla y León, Spain) and grew up between Madrid and her native city. Later in life, she moved to the U. S. and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a B. A. in Spanish Language and Culture, and a M. A. in Spanish Literature and Linguistics. Also, at UWM, she worked as a lecturer for quite a few years until she recently moved to Chicago. At that institution she had the opportunity to teach different levels of Spanish language classes, including advanced conversation ones. Elena believes that by learning another language one acquires, at the same time, a better understanding of one’s native language, making the process and the cultural exchange an extremely gratifying experience.

Besides teaching, she loves to spend as much time as possible with her family back in Spain. Also, she loves to enjoy the great cultural diversity Chicago has to offer all year round.