Berges Institute’s community Spanish language meet-up

Every Thursday at 8pm at Habanero Blues.

How will you know who Berges students are?

Please note this event is 21+.

This event is open to all current, former and future students (as long as you are over 21, sorry it’s the venue’s policy!)

There will be no meet-up on Thursdays in which Berges Institute is closed.

Deadline for registration is Wednesday at 4pm. This event is free, and Berges Institute does not receive any income derived from it (but, please, order something at Habanero!). Berges Institute facilitates the event through its scheduling system, but no staff member will be present at the event itself. It’s not a class, it’s a social event among students so they can meet each other, share experiences, discuss grammar rules, and practice Spanish!

To attend the next meeting this coming Thursday, please enter your name, email, phone number and current level below:

We’ll email everybody on Wednesday evening a list with the first names of all attendees along with their level.


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Current attendees for this Thursday: