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Online Spanish classes at Berges Institute (finally!)

Online Spanish classes at Berges Institute (finally!)

We are finally launching our online Spanish classes! You can view the class schedule on our website. As you can see, we have a few Beginners and a Level 2. We will be adding more levels and more options soon!

How do online classes work?

We’ve designed them so they are as similar as possible to our regular, in-person courses. Classes are not prerecorded. Online courses have set start and end dates, and meet at the same day and time every week for 10 weeks, just like the ones at Berges Chicago and Berges NYC. There’s weekly homework, and there’s a test between the 9th and 10th session that you should pass before you move on to the next level. The online rooms are set to Discussion Mode, so students can talk to the instructor or to other students, just like they would do in a regular class.

What do I need to sign up for an online Spanish course at Berges?

You just need a device with audio/video/networking capabilities (i.e. a computer, a phone or a tablet), headphones, and a good internet connection. To test your connection, you can always do a Google Speed Test, or you can just email us and we can help you test it.

Who will be teaching the online classes at Berges?

Andrés, Juan Carlos and Jesús, from Berges Chicago, will be teaching the first sessions, live from Studio 1 and Studio 2 at Berges Online, which is also in Chicago.

How do I contact Berges Online?

You can email Berges Online directly at, or call Berges Online at 917 383 0762.

How do I know which level is appropriate?

You can take our Online Placement Test. Make sure you select Berges Online as the location at which you are interested in taking classes, so your test gets routed correctly.

Berges Institute is the fastest-growing Spanish language school for adults in the US. Check out our classes!

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