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Math vocabulary in Spanish

Oct 10, 2022 • 1 minute
Math vocabulary in Spanish

Here is a list of math-related terms. We can't teach you how to compute a derivative, but we can teach you how to say it in Spanish!

Número primo - prime number

Par / impar - even / odd

Íntegro - integer

Decimal - decimal

Positivo / negativo - positive / negative

Sumar - to add

Restar - to subtract

Multiplicar - to multiply

Dividir - to divide

El denominador - the denominator

Mínimo común múltiplo - least common multiple

Máximo común denominador - greatest common denominator

La media - the average

El exponente - the exponent

La potencia - the power

Elevado a - raised to

La raíz cuadrada - the square root

El algoritmo - the algorithm

La ecuación - the equation

La fracción - the fraction

El logaritmo - the logarithm

La función - the function

La derivada - the derivative

La integral - the integral

Álgebra - algebra

Teoría de conjuntos - set theory

La variable - the variable

El teorema - the theorem

Lastly, here’s a super interesting TED talk by Terry Moore about using 'x' as the unknown. Enjoy!

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